Language courses Dutch in Brussels - Learning Dutch

Learning Dutch? It's easier than you think!

(Nederlandstalige versie / version française / English version )

At Lethas you will learn Dutch speaking, listening, reading, and writing in quick and fun ways.

Take classes

  • at different levels
  • at various locations in Brussels
  • at different times: mornings, afternoons, or evenings
  • at a different pace: from 8 to 20 hours a week


Every year our students take part in extramural activities: TV recordings, theatre and museum visits, excursions to cities in Flanders… Dutch in the real world!

You will get extra support: additional practice at the open learning centre, speech therapy to improve your pronunciation, language placements, help with validation of foreign studies and degrees…

And after your course? We will help you further along the road: to higher education, to career counselling, to job fairs, to internships and work.

You can study Dutch at different levels of language proficiency.

Every level consists of a number of modules (speaking & writing). You will find more information about every level and module below.

Students pay a fee to enrol in a language course. You can get a (partial) exemption from course fees: you pay nothing at all or not the full amount. You can also use training cheques to do a language course.

You can enrol after an intake interview: we will get to know one another, we might test your Dutch proficiency level, you will do a logical reasoning test.

Look below for more detailed information. And do visit us at Lethas. We’d be glad to help you out!