Language courses French in Brussels - Learning French

Learning French? C'est facile!

(Nederlandstalige versie / English version / Versión en español / Русская версия / Türkçe versiyon)

You are a newcomer in Belgium and you want to communicate in all kinds of situations? Whatever your level of education is, we can help you on your track.

Are you in search of work or of promotion? In that case, French can be an important asset! In Brussels, 4 job offers on 5 ask for a certain knowledge of the second language. In only 3 months’ time, you can learn or optimize a second language, thus doubling your chances to find work in Brussels.

Living, working, relaxing..... everything becomes easier and a lot more fun if you know French.

At Lethas you will learn to speak, listen, read and write French in a practical way, exactly what you need. Everybody is different. You can follow French courses in the way that suits you best!

We offer French courses at all the different levels. From absolute beginner to very advanced level. You can study in different locations in Brussels. There is always one in your neighbourhood. The French classes take place at different times. In the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening. As long as it suits you !

But there's more. Lethas offers a lot of additional support: additional training opportunities in our open learning center, speech therapy to improve your pronunciation, language courses, support with the equalization of diplomas from abroad, ...

We also have excursion activities with our students. We go to French-speaking environments outside the school : to a French city ... all French in practice!

And after the training? Then we help you on your personal track : a track to higher education, to job fairs, to internships or to a job.

Here you will find a lot of information about all that CVO Lethas can offer you. Do not hesitate to contact our trainers and coaches. They look forward to seeing you and find the best solution for you personally, at your size!