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Courses in class?

  • all courses are at school
  • you wear a mask at all times: in class and in the corridors
  • you can sit at a table next to other students 
  • you don’t have to keep distance
  • your teacher will make sure that the classroom is well ventilated and he/she also wears a mask 

Build a future with Lethas

courses tailored to your needs

  • Learn Dutch, French or English at your level and at different times: in the mornings, afternoons or evenings, on site or remote
  • Take a fast course (80 hours), a standard course (120 hours) or an extended course (180 hours)
  • Looking for a job through VDAB? Learn Dutch quickly and take an intensive course
  • Would you like to learn at your own pace and follow your own interests? The courses of Team Open Class might just be the thing for you!
  • Would you rather learn in a larger group, with various teachers and many different ways of teaching? Choose Team Workers!
  • Don’t have a degree in secondary education yet? Give yourself a second chance in Tweedekansonderwijs

lots of opportunities to practice

  • Join our free Dutch, French or English conversation groups, at school or remote
  • Use our interactive tools and practice Dutch, French or English at home or on the go
  • Take an extra Dutch course on engaging topics
  • Choose a language internship and practice Dutch while doing voluntary work

maximum help along the way

  • Are you looking for a job? Do you need an equivalence of your degree? A counsellor will guide you
  • Our speech therapists help improve your pronunciation

an enthusiastic, supportive team

  • Our school has a warm and personal vibe: your teacher will consider your history, degree, wishes and ambitions
  • All courses are rich in communication and practice
  • Your progress will be monitored throughout
  • New teachers get thorough coaching during their first years
  • All teachers receive extra training, to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in education